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Canada is famous for its different weather patterns. There are 4 distinct seasons:


Starts in late March and runs until mid June. Spring is usually a rainy season and the temperatures are cool but sunny. Trees begin to bloom in spring and plants and flowers begin to grow.


Runs from mid June until late September. Summer weather starts off warm but gets very hot in July and August. By September, it starts to cool down.

Region of Peel has excellent information on being safe in Extreme Hot Weather and Sun Safety.


This is the shortest season, running from late September to late November. The weather starts to cool down and the leaves on the trees change colours to red, yellow and orange before they fall off the trees to prepare for winter.


The longest season of the year, winter runs from late November to late March. Winters are cold and snowy and it's important to get warm winter clothing to wear when you are outdoors. If you are driving in the winter, you must be extra careful because the roads can be icy and slippery.

Region of Peel has excellent information on being safe in Extreme Cold Weather.

Additional information

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Environment Canada has a very useful website to help you understand the daily weather forecast and see the daily weather listings for: