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Finding a Place to Live

Apartment BuildingApartment BuildingApartment Building



Peel region is made up of 3 cities namely Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga. Each city has various neighbourhoods that you can choose from to live in.

When you first arrive, you may need to find a temporary place to live until you find a permanent home. There are a variety of motels, hotels, bed and breakfast accommodations available in Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga depending on your budget.

Types of Housing

There are various types and sizes of properties you can rent or buy in Peel. When renting the rent may or may not include utilities i.e. hydro (electricity), gas (heating) and water charges.

Room (shared accommodation)

  • You can rent a room in an apartment, house or the basement of a house. The tenant usually shares the kitchen, bathroom and living room with other tenants.
  • Furniture & meals may be included. 

Basement Apartment

  • A basement apartment is either completely or partially below the ground floor in a detached, semi-detached or a townhouse. Often it has 1-2 bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom and a separate entrance.
  • Due to high renting costs in Peel, basement apartments provide an affordable option for renting.
  • In Peel, some basement apartments are also known as Second Unit, if it complies with the Ontario Building Code, Ontario Fire Code and the City Zoning By-law.

Apartment (suite, flat)

Types of Housing

  • An apartment usually has 1 bedroom or more with a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room. A bachelor or studio apartment has just 1 room for sleeping and eating.
  • May be in a high rise building (6-30 stories high with an elevator) or a low rise building (fewer than 6 stories high, often with no elevator and called a "walk-up").
  • Generally, apartments are owned by a landlord and managed by a superintendent who lives in the building.

Condominium (condo)

  • A condominium is a type of home ownership where you buy a unit in an apartment building or townhouse complex, but do not own the land. Owners sometimes rent condos to tenants.
  • Each owner pays their own mortgage, taxes, utilities and a monthly maintenance/condo fees towards the property maintenance of common areas inside and outside the building.


  • A townhouse is a unit in a row of other units that look like houses, attached to each other.
  • In each unit, a wall on either side shares with the people who live beside that.
  • Townhouses (sometimes called row houses) are usually 2 or 3 levels tall (each level is called a 'storey').

Detached House 

Detached Houses

  • A detached house is a house that stands on its own. It is often referred to as a 'detached' home and tends to be the most expensive type of home to buy or rent due to the land costs.
  • Detached houses are suitable for bigger families or families with children as it provides more space and privacy than other housing types.

Semi-detached House

  • A semi-detached house is a home joined to another on one side.
  • Semi-detached houses are usually less expensive than fully detached houses, although, like all real estate, this depends on the area.
  • Semi-detached houses appeal to people who want to have their own house as well as the land it is on.


The average market rents by bedroom type in Peel region are: 

Bedroom Type 1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 3 Bedroom
Average Market Rent $1,101 $1,267 $1,405

This information is based on the 2017 reported rates from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs-Ministry of Housing.

Rental listing websites 

There are many websites that list rentals. Please note that these listings are for your information only and does not recommend or endorse any particular listing.

House Prices

The Toronto Real Estate Board publishes the home price index and benchmark in Peel region in their Index and benchmark price, August 2017 report.

Municipality Single-Family Detached Single-Family Attached Townhouse Apartment
Peel Region $838,200 $613,600 $522,400 $384,900
Brampton  $682,300 $558,000 $456,000 $338,000
Caledon $819,900 $598,300 - $558,900
Mississauga $983,800 $667,400 $541,700 $393,800

Other resources for Finding a Place to Live

There are lots of resources and information available to help you find the perfect place to live.